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  "Avalon LaFosse is a brilliant musician and artist, and above all a great writer -- I expect to be getting signed first editions of her novels before we're all too much older!" 

     -- Tim Powers, author of The Anubis Gates, Declare, and On Stranger Tides.

   "The Art for Healing and Relaxation classes have become a favorite for our patients and families. Avalon is amazing in what she does and our patients have loved the different type of art lessons that have been offered. We haven't had an art program at CHOC in a very long time we are very excited about this partnership! Thank you for everything you do to bring lots of smiles and brighten the day for our patients and families." 

                                                                                       - Children's Hospital of Orange County

 "Avalon and her ART organization do an amazing job of providing art to a variety of children.  She not only makes art available for children who are confined to hospitals but she provides art for the community as a whole.  She has a very kind heart and so much patience with the kids.  Anything Avalon sets her mind to, she succeeds at.  She outdoes herself with every goal she sets and is the perfect person to lead this wonderful program to even bigger and better things."  

                                                                 -- Michelle Stern, 6th grade teacher

  "Ms. Lafosse is one of those rare individuals whose passion for the arts is contagious.  She inspires everyone lucky enough to cross paths with her.  But ART is not built on enthusiasm alone—the organization itself is a well-oiled machine.  Structured, meticulous and systematic, the ART concept is turn-key and ready for deployment in any program, with beautiful results.  Working with ART has been a joy and an inspiration." 

                         -– Courtney Donley, Special Events Manager, Segerstrom Center for the Arts

    "Avalon has worked tirelessly to bring happiness, creativity, and kindness into the lives of children and their families. Her efforts to crowdfund for supplies needed has always been done so with a tactful and gracious spirit, and her goals have always exceeded her need. Avalon’s love for art is second only to her love of teaching. I have not met another person so giving, so patient, or so kind."

                                                                             -- Lexi Younger, OCSA counselor

   "Art supplies, a ukulele, and a team of dedicated teens set the stage for a beautiful program – Art for Relaxation Therapy. Avalon and her team arrived prepared and with such vibrant energy that made all of our members feel at ease. When it came to the lessons, it didn’t matter that our kiddos weren’t artists, everyone including Avalon took the time to walk around and give every kiddo personalized attention. Overall, our members loved the program and our staff appreciated working with such a great team!"   Thanks Avalon! 

                                                                                                         --Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim

      "My name is Mihye Joy and I taught Avalon at the Orange County School of the Arts, as well as at my private studio called Joy Art. Throughout my 25 years of teaching art, Avalon stands out among my students, as her work and style displays much originality and creativity.  I first started teaching Avalon as a 3rd grader. Even though she was the youngest one in the class, I was really impressed how mature and creative she was.  

     Throughout her middle school and high school years at OCSA, Avalon not only used her talent to develop her unique style, but she always tried to find a way to give back to school and her community using her art.  In my 9th grade drawing class and 10th grade painting class at OCSA, she was an exemplary student who was highly motivated, hard working and passionate.  Avalon constantly asked for advice on how she can improve her skills as an artist, and always gave 100%.  She works well with teachers and other students and brings a positive energy to any group she works with.  For my studio, we did a mural project for an elementary school, and Avalon helped elementary students to paint on the murals.  She also mentored younger foster and disabled children in an art therapy class that was sponsored by a non profit organization called "Touch of Guidance."  

      I know that Avalon will be successful in whatever endeavor she pursues, as she is a talented, well-rounded artist who is not only passionate about art, but is also generous with her time and talent with her community at large."

                                                                      -- Mihye Joy,  OCSA VA Professor, Joy Art Studio

     "American Family Housing (AFH) is an Orange County non-profit that provides supportive services and housing for homeless and at-risk families and individuals.  AFH is so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in an art lesson hosted by ART. The children had a blast learning about Yayoi Kusama and creating art inspired by her work: Happy Pumpkins.

     Art is a great outlet for children as they are able to freely express their unique perspectives without judgment. The ART team were great with the kids, especially during the dance break! 

     Thank you Avalon for your vision and mission with ART. This experience has left the kids with a positive impact. The AFH kids have expressed interest in learning more about art and are eager to create more projects.

                                                                                   -American Family Housing

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