Orange County Register - Artist of the Year


Thunderstorms conveys the 

feeling that how we portray ourselves at times on the outside, doesn't always match up to how we feel on the inside.

We tend to filter out aspects of ourselves that we are vulnerable or sensitive about when portraying our public image.

This is a painting of a fitful night of sleep. Based on a poem I wrote. The flora and fauna wallpaper represents the link between the private and public image and finding the balance between the two. 

                             Thunderstorms     30"x40"     Oil on Canvas

As a modern-day Madonna and Child, Cowgirl Jane is a portrait of my recently deceiced Nana and speaks to Worship Culture. In my opinion, when we love someone so dearly, we are in a sense, worshiping them. Love and worship are not all that different, especially because a lot of the people we love are also viewed as idols.

This piece is very personal, with a lot of specific symbolism and imagery. The palm trees, her kitten named Koa, and the wood paneling all relate to her love for Hawaii and my papa. My grandparents loved Maui,  it was there they felt at home. My papa was a cabinet maker and loved wood-working. Moreover, the roses at the top of the painting represent how she saw life through rose-colored glasses. Finally, the words written inside the palm trees are from the song I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack, her favorite song because of the love, support, and strength it encourages.

 Cowgirl Jane     30"x40"     Acrylic on Canvas

Inspired by a manipulated photograph that I created. I explored the concept of portraiture in photography by simplifying it to my definition: showing one’s features. I photographed Adriana, uploaded it into Lightroom where I edited the photo to have a pink hue. Then, in Photoshop, I extrapolated her specific facial features: eyebrows, nose, eyes, and lips. I used these features to create a new composition that reflects her aura. The color pink represents my psychological response to the softness that she possesses. While the shapes that her features create speak to the sharp and blunt sides of her personality as well. This piece has pushed me in terms of my technical skills as a painter, as well as helped bring my conceptual exploration ability to a new level by analyzing my formal concerns and processes. Since this took several months to complete, I am able to reflect on the evolution of the piece and my growth of who I am as an artist.

          Portrait of Adriana     48"x48"     Oil on Canvas

Her is a technical self-portrait that combines my creative writing with my fine art.

I wrote the short story, that is written behind me in the painting when I was in elementary school. The story was about myself when I initially wrote it, but I feel that it can truly apply to anyone who is true to themselves.

Authenticity is a virtue that I treasure.

The piece is very personal, wearing my favorite coat, a t-shirt by one of my favorite singers, Hayley Kiyoko, and a necklace I had made for me and my first love.

                              Her (self portrait)     20"x26"     Charcoal pencil on toned paper

Mr. Lean On Me explores the concept of Cubism. Not just looking at different angles and points of view of a subject, but painting it in motion, this piece shows a Cubism in Motion painting of myself falling back into the water. Along with Cubism in Motion, I also combine other genres of art, Impressionism, and Realism. 

The piece is one of the first times I combined different art media, outside of fine art. The piece is based on a short film series that was inspired by a novel I wrote, titled PharmakonPharmakon is about a girl named Summer who time travels to the 1800s from present-day and meets Harriet. Over time the two girls become friends and then form a romantic relationship.

This piece, in turn, inspired me to write a song of the same title.The song is about advocating for yourself. In the piece, it seems as though I am dissolving in the water, only to be reborn.

Mr. Lean on Me (self portrait)     36"x24     Oil on Canvas

Avi Jayne 2018